Excellent Article on Painting and Finishing Models


At our last meeting I spoke to the group about an article I ran across about finishing and painting. It is from 2001, but I feel it is one of the best finishing pieces I have ever read. Lots of good gems on painting techniques…particularly if you like using the Gunze Mr. Color Products. It is a three part series and worth the effort to read. So for those who requested it her you are!

Part 1 – Cockpit Painting
Part 2 – Model Construction
Part 3 – Painting and Finishing

I have started playing with some of these finishing techniques and have been very happy with them. It seems like both the Mr.Color and Tamiya paints behave very similarly when you thin them with the Mr. Color Self Leveling Thinner. Dan over at Discount Hobbies says he well be stocking the Mr. Color SLT and I know I will be stocking up for the future! Just remember to wear a respirator and have plenty of ventilation because it is essentially a lacquer thinner.

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